Transform and grow a personal brand that is cohesive, consistent, and visually communicates your story. Mailani Benjamin specializes in brand development for women ready to create more attractive, valuable, and profitable platforms with brand visibility coaching, social media marketing and design.


Brand visibility SUITE

Leverage insight, research, and technology to maximize your impact and sales.


Brand Development Suite

Create a comprehensive and consistent brand identity to position your personal brand business.


brand styling SUITE

Specially designed content created to transform and provide a clean design approach to increase brand awareness.


vip with mai |


Ignite your power, transform your mindset and business. A virtual 1:1 Coaching Session helping you get focused & gain clarity in your business.


Helping women create more valuable experiences

As a Brand Visibility Coach, it's my mission to teach women entrepreneurs on how to create more attractive, profitable, and valuable personal brand experiences for their business. My goal is to help you make an impact to create the income you desire.

Create the experience your clients have been waiting for. If you find yourself struggling to connect with your audience and your results aren't what you expected than its time for us to work together.

Personal Branding clients are Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, and Authors. We will increase brand awareness and loyalty with research, strategy, and design to build a business that you love.

In order to increase visibility and make sure my brand stood out from others, it was important that I reached out to a designer who understands key components of branding. I’m so grateful to have worked with Mailani because she was able to provide me with everything I needed from templates, highlight icons, color scheme changes, and tips directed towards increasing engagement. I tried to do it myself but I realized it was much smarter to reach out to someone who is highly skilled in the area of branding and design. I will definitely continue to use her services on future projects.
— Samantha Bunting | CEO, Perimeter Productions LLC